Before attempting to run a bare metal example application on the PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit, make sure you are using the latest release of the Icicle Kit Reference design. The process of programming the design using FlashPro Express programming tool is explained here.

Bare Metal Applications

To get started with bare metal software, a number of ready to use bare metal example applications are available from polarfire-soc-bare-metal-examples.

Bare Metal Platform Software

The latest releases of the PolarFire SoC bare metal platform software are available from platform.


To use the bare metal applications, download and install the SoftConsole IDE. SoftConsole is Microchip’s Eclipse based embedded software development IDE with support for RISC-V targets including PolarFire SoC. SoftConsole is available free of charge without a license.

Hart Software Services (HSS)

The HSS can act as a bootloader when you want your application to execute from RAM (DDR or LIM). Please refer to the hss-payload-generator for more information.


To build your own applications and to understand more about the bare metal project structure, refer to the bare-metal-project-structure.