Q1. How do I read the Libero Soc / SoftConsole versioning numbers

A1: For Libero SoC v (version) 2021(year). 2( release number of the year) For SoftConsole v (version) 2021(year). 1 (release number of the year)

Q2 Which versions of Libero SoC and SoftConsole should be used together.

A2: It is advised to use the latest Libero SoC and SoftConsole versions.

Q3. What licence does Development kit X work with?


Development Kit FPGA Part Supplied License Minimum License
PolarFire Avalanche Kit MPF300TS-FCG484E Gold Silver
PolarFire Evaluation Kit MPF300TS-1FCG1152I Gold Silver
PolarFire Splash Kit MPF300T-1FCG484E Gold Silver
PolarFire Everest Kit MPF300TS-1FCG1152EES Gold Silver
PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit MPFS250T-FCVG484EES Silver Silver

Q4. Which version of Libero SoC and SoftConsole does the latest Icicle reference design use?

A4: The Icicle Kit reference design states the minimum Libero SoC and SoftConsole version numbers. For more information it is advised to read the readme for the reference design.

Q5. Are there any tutorials available?

A5: Yes, there are many tutorials on the Microchip YouTube channel. These can be accessed through the Training tab on the Mi-V Ecosystem page or through this link

Q6. how do I restore my development kit to a known good state? - Release of Kit design and Yocto

A6: There is a training video which describes this process available here

Q7. Do I need to use libero to develop software of PolarFire SoC :

A8: No, download the reference bitstream and one of the build systems ( Yocto or Buildroot)

Q9. How do I program a PolarFire SoC FPGA?

A9: If a FPExpress file is already generated then you can program the PolarFire SoC FPGA with the bitstream through FPExpress. Or if you are generating your own FPGA design you can use Libero SoC to download the bitstream to the PolarFire SoC FPGA. The Getting Back to Factory Defaults demonstrates how to program the PolarFire SoC FPGA.

Q10 What is Libero SoC?

A10: Libero SoC is the development environment for Microchip FPGAs. It allows design, synthesis and bitstream generation as well as timing and power information.

Q11: What is SoftConsole?

A11: SoftConsole is the development environment for Bare-metal designs for the PolarFire SoC, Mi-V RV32 as well as Arm Cortex M3/1. SoftConsole is not intended for development of Linux.

Q12 What is FPExpress?

A12: FPExpress is a programming tool which enables programming of the Microchip FPGA with bitstreams. A programming job file is generated in Libero that can be programmed to the FPGA

Q13 What is FlashPro5/6?

A13: FlashPro5/6 are standalone programming devices that are used to download bitstreams to the Microchip FPGA.

Q14 What is Embedded FlashPro6?

A15: Embedded FlashPro6 or eFP6 is the on-board programmer available on the PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit.

Q16. How much do tools for Icicle Kit cost?

A17: The device which is on the Icicle Kit is supported with the Libero Silver licence. This allows users to use Libero SoC and SoftConsole free of charge.

Q18. Do I need an Embedded FP6?

A18: Yes, it is a part of the Icicle Kit. A FlashPro6 is available for boards without an Embedded FP6.